Getting Started with Easels

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Getting Started with Easels? Here are some tips for you! 

Easels are upright supports used for displaying and/or fixing something resting upon it, at an angle of about 20° to the vertical. Traditionally, easels are wooden structures used by art painters to support their painting while working on it by standing it firm. They are also sometimes used to display finished paintings in galleries or during exhibitions

Artists’ easels are still typically made of wood, in functional designs that have changed little for centuries, or even millennia, though new materials and designs are available. Easels are typically made from wood, aluminum or steel.

In a photographic darkroom, an easel is used to keep the photographic paper in a flat or upright (horizontal, big-size enlarging) position to the enlarger.


Easels have been in use since the time of the ancient Egyptians. In the 1st century, Pliny the Elder made reference to a “large panel” placed upon an easel.

Types of Easels

There are 10 types of easels that artists use, each with a slightly different purpose.

If you want to buy an artist easel here in Nigeria but you’re not sure which type to get, this handy overview of Artist Easels will help make clearer and ease the process! We’ll explain the differences between the various types of artist easels, helping you figure out which easel type is the best match for your needs as you are just Getting Started with Easels.

Here are the main types of easels for artists:

A-frame easels (also called Lyre easels)
H-frame easels
Giant easels
Convertible easels (also called Hybrid easels)
Single mast easels
Tabletop art easels
Portable easels (also called Plein air easels)
Bench easels (also called Art horses)
Display easels
Children’s easels

Getting Started with Easels Getting Started with Easels Getting Started with Easels Getting Started with Easels Getting Started with Easels Getting Started with Easels Getting Started with Easels

Each type of easel has its own characteristics and uses, which makes each type specially suited to specific types of art-making processes.

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