Sellers Agreement, Terms & Conditions


Merchants shall support fulfilling orders by following all necessary procedures of CraftsVillage Seller Platform. The actions need to be taken within the lead time agreed between both parties.

Please Note:

  • CraftsVillage may also ask the seller to deliver all or some specific items limited only to seller catalogue.
  • CraftsVillage may also provide own delivery mechanism for all or some specific items limited to seller catalogue.
  • In case of bulk orders, CraftsVillage will request for help from the supplier. Seller should indicate specifically on the delivery mechanism and delivery charges of such products.
  • Merchants are expected to fulfill all service orders in a maximum of four (4) days after deal end date. All Orders not fulfilled by merchants a day before shipping date will be cancelled.
  • In order to attain a uniform delivery charge, merchants who wish to deliver themselves will do so at the same pricing as the standard logistics price.


  • Any service which is permanently discontinued or is expected to be discontinued should be informed to CraftsVillage through email or phone number provided on immediate basis, so that we can update the product online.
  • Subsequent service that needs to be included in the storefront should be communicated to CraftsVillage through email or phone number provided so that we can update the product from our backend.
  • Price change should be made in advance and it will take at least 24-hours for it to take effect on our site. Hence price change should be communicated on time to avoid any issues. Items sold after price communication till next working day will be at the previous price.
  • Any order recorded prior to intimation of price change will be charged at older price.


  • Payment will be processed on 25th of every month for the product sales made throughout the month. Orders taken after the 25th will be rolled over into payments for the next month.
  • Payments for Service sales run by sellers will be processed as follows:
  • 70% of Cost of Sales (COS) will be paid to sellers Three (3) days after deal end date, and 30% upon coupon expiry.
  • Cancelled coupons before expiry will be taken out of the 30% balance payment.

In the event that a customer seeks to cancel, merchant will make refunds to CraftsVillage for customers whose coupons haven’t been used within the coupon validity period.



This contract is between CraftsVillage Nigeria (from here on will be referred to as ‘CraftsVillage’ and Merchant (from here on referred to as ‘Seller’). This is a summary of our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


The catalogue needs to be provided by seller and it should have all the details which is required to sell the service. In case seller doesn’t have a ready catalogue with pictures, CraftsVillage will help in creating an online catalogue.

The catalogue contains all services rendered by the merchant and will be listed on our portal. Sellers can run discount deals on any of their packages from time to time based on communication with sales personnel.

Please Note: Products/Service update on our website will take at least 4-working days and will be communicated to Seller by CraftsVillage Sales Personnel.


CraftsVillage will agree on sales commission and can forward or include other special charges like delivery, packaging or any other value added service offered to END CUSTOMER. The prices offered by Seller to CraftsVillage may not have any direct relation to the retail prices on our platform. CraftsVillage will forward all Bank charges to the customer (1.5% Payment Handling Charges) on all transactions. CraftsVillage will charge the commission on all services sold through as per agreed in the product/service form.


Cancellation will be honoured for customers who wish to cancel the service order or product purchase provided that:

  • Coupon has not been redeemed and the validity period of the coupon has not been elapsed in case of a service order.
  • Products have not been shipped, that is orders are not fulfilled by Sellers in a maximum of 4-days after purchase.


It is in our directives to ensure top standard of services rendered by our Sellers as a drop in quality directly affects the image and identity of CraftsVillage and not the Seller in particular. Hence, our sales personnel will inspect services/products to be rendered based on the catalogue supplied. Any service/product below our quality standards will not be posted for sale on our website.

All services/products inspected by CraftsVillage at the time of inspection must maintain the same quality and standards when being posted for sale on and when rendered to customers. All returned products or service cancellation due to low standard shall be at seller’s detriment. CraftsVillage may decide to remove such option from our website to prevent customers from further purchasing the product or service.