musical-theme-birthday-greeting-cardThis handmade Musical Theme Birthday Greeting Card is one of the coolest craft piece we have ever put together. This concept was generated primarily because the recipient is a great music lover, and coincidentally, he has the name of the great reggae legend ‘Bob Marley’. This handmade musical theme birthday card is very unique and outstanding and I bet you want to read on.


The colour choice for this handmade musical theme birthday card goes with the conventional RED, GREEN, ORANGE & BLACK colours popularly depicted by reggae artists. The colour blend was awesome as a black pelican cardboard was used as the background. This gives a contrast effect for every other object that comes on the card.

Take a close view at the ‘move 2DA beat’ writing on the handmade musical theme birthday card, it is a red artistic foam die-cut to the desired font writing & then glued to a white embossed cardboard which in turn is cut to form a white bleed behind the red artistic foam writing. This put together is then placed on a black pelican cardboard which is cut round to give the final shadow effect of the design.
The same process goes for the ‘Marley’ name writing of the handmade musical theme birthday card. A green sponge foam was used instead, placed on black and then on white which is a perfectly contrast colour from the black colour of the background.


As you can see just under the ‘move 2DA beat’ design on the handmade musical theme birthday card is the musical spectrometry bar concept showing the music is on, in relation to the ‘move 2da beat’ idea. Just as we see in our stereos when the music is on, the bars show high frequency beats hitting hard, so I brought that idea into this musical theme birthday card to give the feel of dancing to a high frequency music beat. Hence, “Move 2da Beat it’s your Birthday, Marley”.


Musical Theme Birthday Greeting CardThe inner design of this handmade musical theme birthday card is quite simple but extremely unique owing to the special flower lace type of paper used as the inner background. This special paper was imported from Japan, so it’s a rare type of artistic sheet.

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