This is a unique masculine birthday greeting card for men. As awesome as this masculine birthday greeting card is, the truth is we went blank trying to put this concept together . Took me about an hour to finally conclude on this concept after several sketch fail…

The recipient of this birthday greeting card was a lover of brown/chocolate colour, which was the reason this colour was picked. So we went for the chocolate colour since its a masculine card, & the orange colour wasn’t hard to pick to go with the chocolate. Crafted & embossed the heart shape at the centre and the banner effect was just a perfect fit instead of an arrow to pierce through.

Crafts Village Nigeria - Masculine Card


The design for this masculine birthday card is quite unique and simple. We used a polymark effect to make a broken border line alone the edges of the card and also as a stud design just to give it finesse alongside the metallic silver spray!!! It has a wow effect we must tell.

The major text craft of this masculine birthday greeting card lies on the orange rectangle cardboard at the centre, as a lighter brown card was glued to the top of the orange card before other crafts came on top. A door keyhole shape was then cut with straw board & capsuled between a golden pelican card and a cream embossed cardboard using a glue. A heart shape was then cut from the centre of the round bottom of the resulting door keyhole shape. The heart shape was then embossed on its own between a cream embossed cardboard and a black embossed cardboard. A banner shape was created using an Artistic Foam by cutting the shape, gluing on a black embossed card, pasted on the previously embossed heart shape with the centre lifted. The resulting craft was all then pasted on a gold pelican paper, and the shape was cut and pasted on the body of the masculine birthday greeting card where the heart shape was initially cut from.

The “HEARTBEAT‘ text on the banner over the heart shape of this masculine birthday greeting card was written with a Gold and Black Polymark and the ring design around the heart area was made using a orange artistic foam just to add that unique feel to that region.

The “AKINZO” name is about 3 layers of cardboard put together and elevated to about 0.5 inches to give it a 3D effect. Gold pelican paper on Chocolate Cardboard and finally on White Embossed paper.

Masculine-Birthday-Greeting-Card-1- Crafts Village Nigeria Masculine Birthday Greeting Card - Crafts Village Nigeria









The size of this masculine birthday greeting card is 18 x 12 inches, which is the size of our medium handmade greeting card which is the same size as the medium card in this Lagos State retirement Card which has a great new & different design of handmade greeting cards.

So wondering how unique handmade greeting cards can get? Crafts Village Creative Shop offer a vast range of Top Quality Handmade greeting cards for all occasions at a relatively cheap price and high quality.

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