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At Crafts Village Nigeria, we offer the best Personalized Handmade Greeting Cards in Lagos, serving both individual and corporate clients across Nigeria. You can either shop directly at our online Store for ready-made Creative Greeting Cards or place an order for 'Make Mine Special' cards.


Pillar Design Birthday Card

Birthday Card for Men

African Coronation Card

African Themed Greeting Cards

3-layer Men's Card


Floral Card with Gift Box


Our greeting cards at Crafts Village Nigeria are locally crafted pieces of high quality paper which we carve, die-cut, stick together with special designs to feature our customers expression of good will or other sentiments. Although most of our greeting cards are usually placed on orders and given on special occasions such as Anniversaries, Retirement, Birthdays, or Farewells or on Holidays, we also offer ready made greeting cards which are available on our online store with availability of stock. Our greeting cards always comes well packaged in an envelope and carrier bags.