Mende Cane Village, Maryland Lagos

CraftsVillage Visit to Mende Cane Village, Maryland

Mende Cane Village, Maryland LagosAs part of our intentions to create a parallel and equal opportunity for artisans and craftsmen to offer their products to the growing number of internet users and make good income from their skilled trades, the CraftsVillage Team met with the National Association of Cane Weavers at the Mende Cane Village, Maryland, Lagos in March, 2016.

We visited the skilled craftsmen that specializes in various forms cane wood weaving which can take different shapes and forms or made into furniture to pitch the purpose of our online platform an how it can be beneficial to boosting sales and furthermore promote their businesses up to international standards.

We were well received by the association as we were given the full opportunity to speak to the community elders at their monthly Cane Weavers Association meeting led by the Chairman of Cane Weavers Association, Mr Mark Ewhieberene.

Many questions were raised and so much explanation to do but at the end of the delightful meeting, it was a success convincing these skilled craftsmen to on-board our first of its kind platform to further grow their businesses.

It is a beautiful sight at the cane village located under the bridge of Maryland, in Lagos. The ‘village’ which houses various forms cane woods made into several functional crafts and furniture that are on display. Different forms of household items including chairs, tables, baskets, baby cots, wine carriers, flower vases and flower pots. The various displays of the beautifully crafted products made from canes are expressions of the rich African culture and heritage. Apart from the lovely artistic designs, the uses of these cane products are quiet numerous. We aim to help promote sales of these important cane products on our online marketplace at

Below are more pictures from the visit to Mende Cane Village, Maryland Lagos.

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