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Idubor Arts Gallery

Idubor Arts Gallery was established by the late Felix Idubor, a Sculptor, in 1958, as one of the many responses to the issue of creativity and the need for self assertion in Africa.

It was located in Lagos, Nigeria for a little more than two decades before relocation to its present site in Benin City , Nigeria in 1970.

The late Felix Idubor was one of the foremost pioneers of re-defined art in Africa. While remaining true to the collective creative process with its plethora of motifs , he flowed with the tide of change and expressed himself as an individual artist, reconciling his past with his present in a most positive manner.

His work titled ‘The Dream’ in 1958 re-echoes this even as it serves as the logo of the gallery long after he passed on.

Located opposite the entrance to Igun Quarters or street, where traditional Bini bronze art works were and are still produced, the gallery presents and reconciles the past with the present .

The Director of the Gallery, Mr. Ayo Idubor, is the first son of the late Felix Idubor. A renowned sculptor himself, Mr. Ayo Idubor is grounded in applied aesthetics.

The gallery presents and reconciles the past with the present, by linking the old tradition into the contemporary. They are aimed at increasing the quality of life through exemplary, explanatory and innovative approaches to art work. The aesthetics of utility or function is recognized sufficiently here to enable engagement in works that are both useful and beautiful to behold.

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No. 4 Sakpoba Road, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria