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About the Founder, Ogunbekun Olaitan

About the Founder, Ogunbekun Olaitan

Ogunbekun Olaitan, is the founder of Crafts Village Nigeria. An online community that promotes and connects creative arts, crafts and other Afrocentric businesses in Nigeria to their target customers.

Ogunbekun Olaitan - Founder, Crafts Village Nigeria

Crafts Village was founded in April 2014. It is an online platform that helps consumers connect easily with their favorite Art & Craft products and services, as well as other locally made creative Afrocentric items, fashion, gifts, art supplies and architectural materials. This is made possible with the online local directory, the multi-vendor marketplace as well as a physical retail store, CV Creative Shop. Read more about Crafts Village Nigeria here.


Ogunbekun Olaitan is a reputable Paper Crafts Artist who specializes in Handmade Greeting Cards and have impressed up to the Presidency level of the Country. Ogunbekun Olaitan is a graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos with a Bachelors in Biochemistry. He has accrued several years’ experience of online businesses, the e-commerce and online retail field where his skill set has been further broadened to include Content Management, SEO, Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, Web design, development and management, Strategic planning, and business development.

Ogunbekun Olaitan is a multi-potential creative guru who has personally built himself in several handicraft trades. These includes creative digital prints services, ankara bags making, tailoring, functional and decorative crafts such as wall frames, artistic clocks, utensil designs, Afrocentric fashion and more.

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