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The Social Place Lagos | Thank You Card

The Social Place Lagos

Mrs Tolagbe Martins, Head of The Social Place Lagos, an Event Decor Company and Party Venue located in the heart of Victoria Island got a whole beautiful and trendy Handmade Thank You Greeting Card by Yours Truly *wink*.

This Handmade Card that speaks uniqueness all wrapped up with simplicity with the distinctive peacock design of the Social Place logo that gives an hint of Elegance which portrays what the company is about as well as the purpose of this greeting card.



  • The Social Place Lagos | Thank You Card
  • Dimension (L x B): 25′ x 15′ inches
  • Theme features Company Logo & Colour
  • Features: Fade Background Details, Polymark Effect & Studs
  • Colour: Pink, Purple & White


This uniquely crafted Thanks you Card for Mrs Tolagbe Martins of The Social Place Lagos comes out with a creative & simple finesse idea using cardboard with different colours to create the Peacock Logo Designs, and a matching colour for all other items/writings on the greeting card. See more pictures below…

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FUG Pensions 10th Anniversary Card

FUG Pensions 10th Anniversary CardCheck out this FUG Pensions 10th Anniversary Card from CraftsVillage Nigeria. Fug Pensions Limited is a Nigerian pension fund administration service established in 2007. The company is an outlet for pre-retirement training and counselling services. In July 2017, Fug Pensions Limited celebrated its 10th Anniversary and at CraftsVillage Nigeria, we were privileged to design a customized handmade greeting cards to commemorate the celebration.





  • FUG Pensions 10th Anniversary Card
  • Dimension (L x B): 25′ x 15′ inches
  • Theme: Splash Banner
  • Features: Glitter Details, Polymark Effect & Studs, Banner
  • Colour: Blue, White and Silver


This FUG Pensions 10th Anniversary Card features a creative splash and banner design which carries the
embossed and bold ’10th’ cutout with a crossing banner with ‘Anniversary’ inscription written with polymark. With a blue, white and silver colour theme, this Anniversary Greeting Card has a perfect custom gift item to use to commemorate with a Corporate Client. The card comes with a simple & unique birthday message inside and with  little inscribed logo of the sender just at the bottom of the greeting card. See more pictures below…

FUG Pensions 10th Anniversary Card 1 FUG Pensions 10th Anniversary Card 2 FUG Pensions 10th Anniversary Card









Place your order for this card or several other Anniversary Cards here at CraftsVillage and have them delivered to your doorstep in Lagos and across Nigeria.

Crafts Village is an Afrocentric marketplace and an online art store in Nigeria which focuses exclusively on all categories of Arts & Crafts Products and Services, Art Supplies online, Greeting Cards, Wedding Invitations in Nigeria and Corporate Gifts. Our online art marketplace is designed for easy navigation and to help shoppers find, compare, review and shop their favorite and unknown art and craft materials with ease. Find daily deals, indigenous
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Art-X-Lagos 2017

Special Announcement!!! ART X Lagos 2017 

Did you experience the thrill and vibe of the 2016 version of Art X Lagos?! Then we are sure you must be looking forward to the 2017 edition of this unique and different Art Event that shook Lagos, Nigeria and beyond!!!

Art X Lagos 2017

It was announced today, June 2, 2017 that the second edition of ART X Lagos will hold from Friday 3rd November to Sunday 5th November 2017 at The Civic Centre in Victoria Island.

Quoted from the article, "Our journey to the second edition has begun, and our team is hard at work preparing for the follow-up to our successful debut, which brought 5,000 visitors to the Civic Centre in November last year, to see the works of over 65 of Africa’s most gifted artists.

Our 2017 edition will deliver an even more dynamic and varied programme featuring the best contemporary African art galleries showcasing the most innovative artists on the continent, alongside live performance art pavilions, with curated and interactive projects involving a diverse line-up of artists, as well as a robust schedule of talks.

In line with this vision, we are delighted to introduce new members and a new structure to our team, and we look forward to sharing with you over the next few months the fruits of their invaluable expertise."

See snippets from the debut edition of Art X Lagos in 2016 and you can be sure it is an event not to miss!!!


Follow the excitement leading up to Art X Lagos 2017 on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channel, and via this monthly newsletter, as we explore together our continent’s rich landscape of talented artists – this month we begin with Ghanaian artist Jeremiah Quarshie.


Announcing Our Curator for the 2017 Art Fair, Missla Libsekal

The curator at Art X Lagos 2017 is this independent cultural producer and the Founder of Another Africa, Missla Libsekal, who has joined ART X Lagos 2017 as the Curator for this year's edition. Original from Ethiopia, Missla brings to ART X Lagos decades of experience in creative services delivery across Africa, Asia and North America, and several years writing on contemporary pan-African art and design. We look forward to sharing over the next few months the diverse pan-African perspectives Missla will bring into the Fair, enabling a crucial part of our mission, which is to widen Nigeria's connection to the contemporary art scene across Africa and internationally.

Selection Committee Art X lagos 2017


The Selection Committee of this year's event is led by two esteemed Advisory Board members, N'Goné Fall, the renowned Senegalese curator, art critic, writer, and cultural consultant, and Femi Lijadu, one of Nigeria's most respected art collectors and leading commercial lawyers. As Co-Chairs of the Selection Committee, they will critically review all gallery applications to ART X Lagos, ensuring that the fair preserves and enhances the standard for which it is known.

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Mende Cane Village, Maryland Lagos

Mende Cane Village, Maryland LagosAs part of our intentions to create a parallel and equal opportunity for artisans and craftsmen to offer their products to the growing number of internet users and make good income from their skilled trades, the CraftsVillage Team met with the National Association of Cane Weavers at the Mende Cane Village, Maryland, Lagos in March, 2016.

We visited the skilled craftsmen that specializes in various forms cane wood weaving which can take different shapes and forms or made into furniture to pitch the purpose of our online platform an how it can be beneficial to boosting sales and furthermore promote their businesses up to international standards.

We were well received by the association as we were given the full opportunity to speak to the community elders at their monthly Cane Weavers Association meeting led by the Chairman of Cane Weavers Association, Mr Mark Ewhieberene.

Many questions were raised and so much explanation to do but at the end of the delightful meeting, it was a success convincing these skilled craftsmen to on-board our first of its kind platform to further grow their businesses.

It is a beautiful sight at the cane village located under the bridge of Maryland, in Lagos. The ‘village’ which houses various forms cane woods made into several functional crafts and furniture that are on display. Different forms of household items including chairs, tables, baskets, baby cots, wine carriers, flower vases and flower pots. The various displays of the beautifully crafted products made from canes are expressions of the rich African culture and heritage. Apart from the lovely artistic designs, the uses of these cane products are quiet numerous. We aim to help promote sales of these important cane products on our online marketplace at

Below are more pictures from the visit to Mende Cane Village, Maryland Lagos.

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Art-X-Lagos 2017
Art X Lagos

Over 5,000 guests were welcomed to ART X Lagos to witness West Africa’s 1st International Art Fair featuring the works of 65 African artists from Zimbabwe, Egypt, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria and more!

With 14 exhibitors drawn from a variety of countries, such as South Africa’s Stevenson Gallery, Ghana’s Gallery 1957, Mali’s Galerie Medina and Nigeria’s Art House – The Space and Bloom Art, among others, ART X Lagos presented an exciting line-up of art work across a diversity of media.

The three-day event saw artists, patrons, collectors and lovers of art from all works of life. Guests were invited to bring out their artistic side at Karo Akpokiere’s giant colouring wall, where they filled in the art piece with some of their own colour.

The ART X Talks saw over 30 local and international speakers delivering talks and conversations on the unwavering growth of African art in the global art scene and how an all-inclusive African creative economy can lead to the rise of reshaping the African narrative.

Live Art in the ART X Live studios

At the ART X Live studio, guests were invited into the artists’ creative process by watching how each piece came to life from scratch to a finished artwork, thus creating a one of a kind interactive experience.


Art and music intersected on the ART X Live stage where the live art and sound performance created a rich audio visual experience for the audience. Nigerian lyricists Poe and Vector, singers Simi and Falana, and producer Ikon, took to the stage alongside four emerging visual artists, to deliver a truly unique performance.


7Up, Access Bank, Anap Jets and Chapel Hill & Denham.

Enjoy more great news on Arts and Crafts Events only at CraftsVillage’s Blog.

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Online Art and Crafts Store, Prints Services in Nigeria | Blog

Online Art Store in Nigeria

Crafts Village is a multi-vendor marketplace and an online art store in Nigeria which focuses exclusively on all categories of Arts & Crafts Products and Services, Art Supplies online, Greeting Cards, Wedding Invitations in Nigeria and an online Corporate Gifts store. It is an expansion of DottyDot Crafts, a greeting card, paper crafts and personalized gift items production business founded in April 2005. The business operation is predominantly online but our office is in Lagos Nigeria.

CraftsVillage is designed to cater for and give voices to artisans and craftsmen in the world of Internet by reaching a growing number of internet users with their arts and crafts products, services and supplies. Our online art store in Nigeria not only provides consumers or art enthusiasts a convenient platform to shop their favourite art supplies online, indigenous fashion crafts, home & office interior decors, portraits and paintings, kids crafts and several other artistic products and services. CraftsVillage Nigeria also provides merchants the advantage of being open for business 24/7 as well as shop for tools and supplies needed to carry out their various artworks, a promotional hub to directly promote arts & crafts businesses and a teaching school which offers vocational skills training on paper crafts such as top greeting cards, personalized gifts items and more.


Our mission is to become Nigeria’s largest & 1st Call Online Marketplace for indigenous art products and services.


CraftsVillage is founded by Ogunbekun Olaitan in April 2014, a reputable Paper Crafts Artist who specializes in Greeting Cards, Wedding Invitations, Gift Boxes and have impressed up to the Presidency level of the Country. Ogunbekun Olaitan is a graduate of the University of Lagos with BSc in Biochemistry. He has accrued several years experience of online businesses, e-commerce and online retail field where his skill set has been further broadened to include Content Management, SEO, Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, Web development and management, Strategic planning, and business development.

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Handmade Greeting Cards Training | Crafts Village Nigeria

Handmade Greeting Cards Training

Our 6-Weeks Intensive Handmade Greeting Cards Training Course is specially designed and outlined for aspiring young artists. If you aspire to make a living from this special trade and be financially independent, then this is for you!

Do you have a passion for our type of crafts, do you like what we do at Crafts Village Nigeria and would simply love to join the fast growing business and begin to tap from all the benefits there-in. Are you a fresh graduate or already in this business and wish to improve on it? Join our team and be sure to get better in NO TIME!!!

Our training outline include:

  • How to make Handmade Greeting Cards
  • How to use pictures in Handmade Cards
  • How to design 3D Names
  • How to make Packaging Boxes & Envelopes
  • Basic Graphic Designs
  • How to Sell your Crafts and Branding yourself. (Add-on)

To enroll, kindly fill the form below and we will send an email to you with all other information needed to commence your training! Don’t Miss Out! Enroll Today!

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Top Christmas Gift Ideas

Here is our compiled list of Top Christmas Gift Ideas for you this 2016. The simple idea is to stand out from the crowd and do the unusual. The advent of new trend has increased the gift types expectation of the evolving generation. Hence, conventional gift items are gradually becoming too regular and no longer the order of the day. People tend to appreciate customized gift items which is more directed to them and shows you went out of your way just to get them something extra-ordinary.

So here is our list of Top Christmas Gift Ideas in no order of importance!

  1. Customized Greeting Cards

    Even if the awareness isn’t that high, customized greeting cards is still a leading gift item highly recommended for both corporate and personal uses. Ever wondered why several companies still take their time in processing “End of Year”, “Season’s Greeting”, “Thanks for Being a Part of the Year” & “Merry Christmas” greeting cards? Its simply because its the shortest and fastest way of telling how much you really appreciate someone in words. And when it comes in customized, your recipient will always relish it and look forward to receiving them over & over again. They can come in simply printed cards (ideal for corporate organizations) or handmade cards (ideal for individuals, corporate organizations, business to clients. Check out some of our uniquely made Christmas greeting Cards.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas - ibile-holdings-limitedTop Christmas Gift Ideas | crafts village nigeria





2. Personalized Handmade Jotters/Diary

This has never striked you right? No it won’t come to mind but we assure you as long as the jotters remain in use, thought of the goodwill, beauty, originality, uniqueness and above all the sender of this precious masterpiece keeps coming to mind always. Now you see why it made the list of our top Christmas gift idea this 2016. So you want the memory to last as much as the greeting card? You should go for this Personalized Handmade Jotters/Diary.

personalized_jotters_diary crafts village nigeria personalized_jotters_diary crafts village nigeria






Image Source: Asah-Bara

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Birthday Card for Dad   Highlights Birthday Cards for Dad Price: N5,000 Dimension (L x B): 18' x 12' inches Theme: Pillar Design Features: Quilling Details, Polymark Effect & Studs Colour: Cream, Brown, Orange, Red and Gold Mix Details This Birthday card for Dad features a creative & beautiful pillar concept, using...
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This Check Pattern Birthday Card from Crafts Village is a blockbuster. As though it is time taking to assemble, this concept is unique and in a class of it's own. Check Pattern Birthday Card The pattern used to make this masculine card as the recipient is a male likes in its...
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