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Easels in Nigeria
What are Easels? Easels are upright supports used for displaying and/or fixing something resting upon it, at an angle of about 20° to the vertical. Traditionally, easels are wooden structures
Pallette Knives
Palette knives are blunt tool used for mixing or applying paint, with a flexible steel blade. It is primarily used for mixing paint colors, paste, etc., or for marbling, decorative
Handicrafts Training in Lagos
At Crafts Village® Nigeria, we offer Art, Crafts & other Handicrafts Training in Lagos, Nigeria as well as other art related events at our Crafts Village® Studio. Our handicrafts training
Rafia Craft Products in Nigeria
What is Raffia? Raffia are fibers obtained from the leaves of the raffia palm, used for tying plants and other objects and for making mats, baskets, hats, and the like. Raffia palm a
The Beginner’s Guide to Gouache Painting
Getting Started with Gouache So if you’ve ever tried painting before, chances are that you’ve come across popular paint mediums such as Watercolour, Acrylics and Gouache, Right? …Okay maybe not
Getting Started with Paintbrushes | Crafts Village Nigeria
There is really no paint making without the use of certain painting tool, that is why at Crafts Village Nigeria, we understand the need to post an article on getting

Crafts Village Marketplace: Online Art Shopping in Nigeria – No. 1 Art & Crafts Shopping Destination

Crafts Village Marketplace is your number one online art store in Nigeria. We are an online store where you can purchase all your Art & Crafts needs ranging from Art Supplies & Architectural Materials, Art Books, African Crafts, Sculptures, Terracotta, Artistic Home & Interior Decors, kiddies items, Afro Urban Fashion items for men, women, and children; Artistic Furniture, Textiles & Fabrics, Paper Crafts, Portraits & Paintings, and more on the go. Our Marketplace is Nigeria’s no.1 online art shop with the largest collection of Art & Crafts, Art supplies, Fashion & Accessories, Furniture, Decor & more. What more? You can also shop at our studio store & have them delivered directly to you. Shop online with great ease as you pay with your credit cards on PayStack which guarantees you the safest online shopping payment method, allowing you to make stress free payments. Whatever it is you wish to buy, Crafts Village HUB’s marketplace offers you all and lots more at prices which you can trust. Crafts Village Marketplace has payment options for everyone irrespective of taste, class, and preferences. Here, you also have the option to make your payment on delivery for extra convenience. Shopping for Arts & Crafts in Nigeria is easy and convenient with Crafts Village Marketplace.

African clothing can be a symbol of status, creativity and allegiance to tribal roots. Merging style and the tribal roots give you a creative perfect outfit that is the order of the day. Step out in style with Afro Urban & other African Fashion outfits as we bring you creative African fashion collections from top Nigerian fashion brands offering products such as Ankara T-Shirts, Afrocentric Hoods, Afro Jackets, Shorts, Joggers, Ankara Kimonos, Afrocentric Footwear, Ankara Bags & Purses, African Jewelries and more. You can look through our wide selection of Ankara style and make your pick for that next event you have. Crafts Village Marketplace makes online shopping fun with trendy Afrocentric wears as well as huge discounts on a large selection of fashion items and more.

Buy Art Supplies, Furniture, Artistic Home & Office Decor and more on Crafts Village Marketplace

As the premier online shop selling Art Supplies & Architectural Materials in Nigeria, be in the forefront of shoppers enjoying seamless shopping of art supplies with new products from Crafts Village HUB’s Marketplace. Buy art supplies from top brands like Winsor and Newton, Rotring, Gamblin, Strathmore, Staedtler, Prismacolor & enjoy nationwide doorstep delivery anywhere in Nigeria at lowest rates.

Buy creative African inspired furniture like Sofas, Ottoman stools, Tyre Tables & Tyre Chairs, and several other artistic home and office decor items online. What you see is what you get as we house an array of top creative arts and crafts items. Shop easy online from anywhere in Nigeria as we are your no.1 art store catering for all your needs.