About Us | Crafts Village Nigeria

Crafts Village Nigeria™ is an Online Community Project aimed at creating a retail outlet & directory for local creative businesses, art practitioners, craftsmen, and general art enthusiasts. This bridges the gap between local producers & their target market, stimulating the local economy while offering attractive discounts to shoppers, tourists and local craft lovers in Nigeria.

About Us | Crafts Village Nigeria

At Crafts Village Nigeria, our aim is to promote, connect, create a retail marketplace that helps consumers connect with unique Afrocentric businesses. We are keen on Proudly Made in Nigeria Products and Services. We believe in promoting local talents which contributes to job creations in the Nigerian economy.

About Us | Crafts Village Nigeria

These includes:
- Crafts Village Marketplace
- Crafts Village Local Business Directory
- Handicraft Training Centre
- Events Promotions
- Digital Prints & Branding Services
- Greeting Cards Shop


Greeting Cards Shop


Training School

Crafts Village NG - Training School

Crafts Village Marketplace

Crafts Village Marketplace offers an Online and Offline Retail Store for local creative art, crafts and other Afrocentric products and services made in Nigeria.

Shoppers, art enthusiasts & lovers of creative items such as Home & Interior Decorations, Fashion items, Tools or Art Supplies can shop easily online at Crafts Village Marketplace or visit our retail storefront to shop off our shelves.

Producers & Retailer of locally made creative products & other Afrocentric items can also sell at Crafts Village Marketplace by registering as seller and uploading their products themselves for FREE!

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Crafts Village Business Directory

Crafts Village Business enables you find, locate and connect with reliable & creative Afrocentric Businesses, Local Artisans, Crafts men, Galleries and best Art Places across Nigeria. Find local creative businesses or art places near you from our listed businesses, by Locations or Categories.

Shoppers, art enthusiasts & lovers of creative items looking for places such as Art Galleries, Carpenters or Furniture Makers, Sculpture Makers, Portrait Artists, Fashion Designers, Art Supplies Shops & more can easily search online at Crafts Village Business.

Producers & owners of local creative businesses & other Afrocentric items can also list their businesses at Crafts Village Business by registering to submit their items and uploading their businesses themselves for FREE!


Crafts Village Nigeria: Fast Growing Online Afrocentric Community in Nigeria

There is a speedy growth in trend of the local crafts industry and Crafts Village Nigeria is an online community that helps bridge and connects users to the most creative ideas in the Nigerian crafts industry. Discover top creative and talented Nigerian crafts men such as fashion designers, furniture makers, weavers, iron casters, sculpture artists, bags and shoe makers, painters, artists, and more on Crafts Village Business or simply shop from their collections at the online marketplace. We will bring to you here everyday, hundreds of creative crafts products ranging from fashion wears to accessories and even household crafts. Crafts Village Marketplace tends to tap into that creativity and inspiration by providing you with the online shopping platform where you can not only shop but also interact with your sellers and buyers.
Crafts Village Nigeria is also a social community where you can buy and sell safely, get inspiration and ideas from thousands of local sellers, and get creative with your own unique ideas. Shop unique pieces like women's bags, beads, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, African prints, traditional wears, and much more at the lowest prices in Nigeria. We also offer flexible payment options - prepayment and payment on delivery for you to choose from. With our fast delivery service, be rest assured your order will be delivered to you in no time!


Our Handicraft Training Centre organizes scheduled trainings on creative arts, crafts & other vocational skills. We also offer an Outdoor Training Space available for rent for one-on-one soft skills training, art & craft training or events.

Got an upcoming art event, training, stage shows or exhibition?! We can help you promote & advertise to the right audience through our site's front page, special web article publication, social media handles, fliers/banners & more.

We also offer premium Digital prints & branding services. We print business cards, banners, fliers, branded t-shirts, roll-up banners, stationery, gift boxes & more.