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CraftsVillage offers Custom Handmade Greeting Cards in Nigeria at our online Gift Store for Corporate & Promotional Gifts Items, Souvenirs, Paper Crafts, Prints & Branding Services.

Our greeting cards at CraftsVillage are locally crafted pieces of high quality paper which we carve, die-cut, stick together and specially design to feature our customers expression of good will or other sentiments. Although most of our greeting cards are usually placed on orders and given on special occasions such as Anniversaries, Retirement, Birthdays, or Farewells or on Holidays, we also offer ready made greeting cards which will be available on our online store with availability of stock. Our greeting cards always comes well packaged in an envelope and carrier bags.


How It Works

Fill out the Greeting Card Booking form below to order for a custom greeting card or simply purchase ready made cards from our store in the next tab. Simple!

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Corporate & Promotional Gifts Items has never been the same with us as we have finely selected special items that are exclusive, crafty, trendy and unique to serve your corporate functions. We are aimed at providing a seamless shopping experience for your promotional gift items which can also be branded by us and delivered straight to your doorstep across the country.

Other paper crafts items we offer include gift boxes, gift bags, products packets, wall decorations and lots more. These are made on request simply for uniqueness. So be sure to contact us here your functional paper crafts items as we craft them with love!